Friday, May 4, 2012


i'd been reading loads of stuff about the subconscious, preconcconsious, consciousness, unconcsciousness etc etc. it got real confusing and i was trying to take too much in without knowing anything beforehand. i had a long debate with my friends about the subconsious that night and was getting proper stressed about life and what was conscious and what wasn't.

i wrote my ramblings;

"what does the subconscious hold, is dreaming a place where your subconscious over takes your conconsciousness. lucid dreaming becomes a merging of both"

"the subconscious already knows what you do, it sees, hears, feels, remembers, what nature/ life truely is. Its true future; your protection, your guide. It dictates your fate, feeelings, personality and scepticsm"

"embracing your subconscious allows you to see what is unseeable. It shows a side to reality that is more knowledgable, itelligent than your conscious self"

"consciously saying is subconsciously speaking"

"i'm consciously thinking of my subconscious, which is impossible, as the subconsicous is not meant to be consciously understood, but instead felt."

"true originality is without thought it is felt. its your subconsious breath"

right after all this thinking and non thinking i took a walk.

reading and debating the subconscious has made me realise how insane the subject matter is. as we know so little about our unconsiousness it is going to be a fun and challenging journey for me to explore my own.


i have been interested in rotational discovery, where by i scribble in pencil and find cartoons in the scribbles. i keep turnign and finding until an equilibrium of faces has been created. These drawings can then be looked at from any angle and new faces appear. its a discovery for all that look at it. 


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