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I wanted this project to be an exploration of landscapes as well as an exploration of styles, techniques. I wanted to produce a series of paintings and illustrations of landscapes; real or imaginary, based on my interpretation and Portrayal of Britain and Nature. I feel that by having a wide variety of approaches and locations itwill help me to develop during the project and keep me interested and creatively ambitious. 

 My task for this project was to explore. and i have spent the last 2 months exploring the landscapes around my local area, Bournemouth. Because of my proximity to the sea, it has played a major role within my paintings. it also shows contrast to my paintings produced at home in bucks, as coastal exploration was never easily possible. However the seaside brings back nostalgic feelings of holidays. Both areas are personal to me and i feel like this relationship with the land has helped me relax and appreciate my surroundings. i have also enjoyed finding new areas that inspire and amaze me.

 quick study of a local gold course. loved the curves of the grass and bright green grass against deep blue sky. the simplicity in this painting creates a sense of isolation and loneliness.
Again, another experimentation with wet in wet for the sky. I really like the bleeding of each colour and its reflection on the water. It creates a warm feel to the location and a pleasant contrast to the greens and grays of the path and leaves. i also like how the painting seems to be escaping from its circular boundary

a simple and quick painting from eastbourne. i feel the background is too pale and uninspiring. however i really liek the textures in the grass. something i take into consideration in my next painting.

Unused cliff painting - testing out instagram (putting areas in focus)

Dorney - Jubilee Bridge
in this painting i was experimenting with water in water. I really like how the red autumn trees leak and branch out into the sky creating soft suggestions of trees and leaves. The rigidness of the bridge creates a stark contrast to the organic trees

I experimented with interpreting the landscape through an imaginary fish eye. The circle helps round the foreground wheat like a fish eye and the clouds were produced by dabbing tissue on the wet blue sky. this technique is really effective at creating soft, textured clouds. however the colours are weak and need more depth.

I was in London one weekend and surprisingly i found myself in a relaxing garden with grass and trees. a rare sight. i liked the random direction of the tree branches in comparison to the rigid house and the continued use of the brown throughout the picture.i also enjoy the bright white of the windows; as if they are inviting you in to the peoples lives within,.
 Simple quick sketch and paint of a local tudor house. i like the simplicity and the white of the paper for the first i really liked the tree however now it seems quite flat against the house and the leaves need some definition.

 Dorney rowing bridge - where the next olympics are oging to be. used to go here as a kid and the water is nice to swim. a really quick wet in wet painting. The techniques has produced some lovely suggestions of trees behind the bridge. the bright red of the bridge stands out perfectly against the greens and blues. i also like adding some foregorund grasses to make the image more personal and creating depth.
 Initallially i was going to paint this sketch but i felt my line work has created a lovely contrast of thick secure lines and some frail leaves and twigs. the positiion of the logs also leads the eye to the couple walking in the middle.

some photos from my journey:

GUILTY CULPRIT - the ducks invaded the tent treading on my palette and then all over my new painting, haha


new forest

swangae white cliffs

sad face in the tree


Other paintings:

tree of life
love the bright contrast of yellows and oranges on the black


early attempt at making up a stream and a realization of how hard it is to paint loads of really thin trees. SOLUTION - masking fluid

whirlpool . i wanted this picture to be spinning to create a moving whirlpool

study of the sea in oils - love the movement of the water created through the expressive brushstrokes.

using acrylics and water colours to bring life to the trees and grass. Also tried to use different pens for the houses but they smudged with the sky.

cliffs - experimenting with scraping and blending of oils

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